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Moroccan Welcome

So, about six years ago, I was a conservative boy from a mostly Catholic town who adhered and believed in the traditions of the Catholic Church and conservative politics. Now, I would describe myself as comically and stereo typically liberal. I buy organic, drink herbal teas, am a pacifist, and find President Obama consistently too conservative. I’m even considering joining the Peace Corps.

Of course, most of these changes occurred in my four years as an undergraduate in college. The story is familiar: Go to college. Meet a girl. Fall in love with Scandinavian political values. What’s unconventional is my appreciation for my roots.

At heart, I might always consider myself a conservative. To me, conservatism meant responsibility, justice, fairness, and intelligence. When I was younger, I believed sincerely that if people were informed and good, they would be conservative and Catholic. I no longer believe that, but the values and ideas that lead me to those kinds of conclusions have stayed with me. I would even go so far to say that it was the best parts of my conservatism that forced me to become a liberal. 

But we’ll sort that out later. I’d say this post works as an introduction.

Oh, and I went to Morocco and Turkey. I’ll talk some about that too.


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