A Short Explanation of Why Some People Don’t Support Israel   Leave a comment

Phillip Weiss radically changed my way of looking at the Israel-Palestine Conflict. It’s hard to convey all at once just how many awful things take place under Israeli occupation, so I took to scanning the titles of each blog post on Mondoweiss every day. But since most people aren’t going to up and follow a massive blog just so they can have their mind changed by a biased source, this post might serve as a good introduction:

Then the other thing is you meet these Palestinians. We have one friend who went to grad school at Cornell and his friend went to Oxford. They’re completely educated, they’re just like us, and so you see what Jim Crow was like, or apartheid, the way they’re treated. Because they can only drive on certain roads and you have to drive the long way round all these checkpoints just because only Israelis can go on the roads. It sickens you to be in the car with your friend when he’s driving around. You feel like you can’t do anything to help him.

For those of you who say, “Checkpoints, what’s the big deal?” I would ask if you’ve ever been through a checkpoint run by a foreign power that was controlling land that should be yours. I’ve never been through one of these checkpoints, but my understanding is it’s an unrelenting source of humiliation that basically embodies the Palestinians sense of powerlessness in their own land.

And for those who point out that Israel has security needs that require the occupation, I would point out that Palestinians have their own security needs, and since Palestinian casualties are about ten to one every time violence does break out, we might start paying those needs a bit more attention.


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