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So I’ve found another good article from Mondoweiss here. There are points where I don’t like the tone, but overall the article is excellent. The beginning was especially good for me, since it describes with Judaism much the same thing that I underwent with Catholicism. Here’s the paragraph that convinced me to repost (emphasis mine):

“So even before I was confronted with Zionism as a problem, I was psychologically primed to denounce it in the name of Judaism – more precisely, an acquired notion that I identified with “real” Judaism. That is not the way I think now. Like other religions, Judaism has varied enormously over time and space. There are many Judaisms: some are pretty awful, and all are real. I had picked out the bits I liked, done my best to ignore the rest, and called the result “real Judaism.” A rather arbitrary procedure, though it served me well at the time.”


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