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I’ve been having these thoughts for quite some time, but haven’t had an excuse to write them down until now. Slacktivist quotes an Australian Evangelical’s perspective on the US healthcare debate.

I experienced first class care when I took ill with a bout of viral meningitis in the UK several years ago. My youngest daughter also receives very good assistance with hearing and learning difficulties through government programs in Australia. So I am a big supporter of universal healthcare.  Again, it’s not perfect, but it’s better than what people get in Africa and America.

And it just hit me. When it comes to healthcare, the United States should be lumped in with Africa sooner than Europe. So I’m finally ready to call it. I no longer consider the United States a first world nation. Our health outcomes don’t justify it. Our education outcomes don’t justify it. Our wealth gap and our social mobility are terrible. And over the past few decades our political class, our press, and our corporate leaders have become so hopelessly entwined that corruption (which, if you follow Glen Greenwald you know is absurdly common) will be getting worse, and not better. We have Europe’s unemployment without their safety nets. We have terrible crime rates because of our lax gun laws and the war on drugs. And it’s all getting worse. Wages are dropping. Infrastructure is not being replaced. We are not investing in our future.

At this point, I’m just waiting for everyone else to stop celebrating that we’re The Greatest Nation on Earth so we can finally get to work.


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