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Trigger Warning: Gun Violence, Aurora CO, Mass Shootings

I was listening to some reactions to the Aurora shootings on my iPod today. One of the commentators praised the President and Mitt Romney for making speeches that brought the country together. Then he said he was demoralized by the people who were trying to score political points (about gun control) from the incident. He said that what happened was a tragedy and that we live in a dangerous world.

Some of that is true. We’re all people, and the death and sadness that follows an event like these shootings should make us to feel the importance of our common humanity all the more. Efforts to come together are not at all a bad thing.

Except much of the speechifying that took place last Friday was not an effort to come together. It was not a substantial recognition of our common humanity. If it had been, then the speechifiers would have asked if there was anything we could do to stop these kinds of events from taking place. Because we CAN stop these kinds of events from taking place.

I was demoralized last Friday too. I was demoralized because twelve people were shot with weapons that only exist to kill people as efficiently as possible. I’ve heard the Holmes’ automatic (or at least functionally automatic) rifle jammed, and he had to use the slower loading shotgun and glock in his possession instead. Why do we allow private citizens to own these kinds of world. Why do we allow this kind of violence to continue. Did you know that guns are involved in more suicides than homicides? Why do we make it so easy to own these items that increase our murder rate and lead to massacres like Aurora, or Virginia Tech, or the post office that was shot up, or the birthday party where a man murdered his ex-wife and most of her family, or Fort Hood, or Columbine.

We do live in a dangerous world, but much more to the point, we live in an unnecessarily dangerous country. And if we’re going to be demoralized by anything, that would be my pick.


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