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So I’ve got a huge backlog of articles that I’m going through, which is why I’m just now reading Glenn Greenwald’s post about drone strikes in Pakistan.

The main part of the article that I wanted to draw attention to was that at least 70 people have been killed in drone strikes that targeted either a funeral or rescue workers who went to the site of a previous drone strike. This is the equivalent of targeting any ambulance that shows up at the scene of a violent crime.

These deaths are a result of deliberate policy adopted by the United States. As reported by the New York Times, any male of military age found in a strike zone is automatically deemed a militant. So when news outlets report on the US killing “militants,” keep in mind what they mean.

Anyway, I’m just wondering if there’s anyone out there who thinks targeting funerals is not a war crime. Any takers on that position? Anyone want to defend targeting funerals as a legitimate act of war? I also wonder if there’s anyone out there who thinks that targeting rescue workers is not a war crime. Come on! What war doesn’t call for popping off a few doctors or ambulance drivers? Nobody wants to argue this?

Okay, then. We’re all agreed. President Obama is a war criminal. No takezees backzees.


Posted 07/29/2012 by reluctantliberal in Generic Post

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