Repost: What Happened to Our Media?   Leave a comment

Content Warning: Police Violence, Shootings, Racism

I’m so ticked off that I haven’t heard about this sooner. Racially charged police shootings bring about week long protests in Anaheim? Who cares? We need to talk more about which is worse, the London Olympics opening ceremonies or Romney’s visit to “England.”

But seriously, would it kill the press to give an actual voice to protesters in this country. Even when they were covering Occupy Wall Street (which is still going on, last I heard), you never got to hear from people who were actually deeply involved in the protests. Sure, they’d interview dumb college students to display how directionless the protests were, but God forbid they find someone articulate.

Meanwhile, the structural racism, economic inequality, and unnecessary violence of the system march forward barely noticed, much less slowed down by our watchdog media.


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