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I’m finding it difficult to even put my thoughts coherently. This is the closest I have ever come to wanting to throw someone in jail just for saying something. Let’s get some stuff straight. The Palestinians are occupied by Israel. The Gaza Strip is theoretically controlled by Palestinians, but Israel soldiers come in to make arrests whenever they feel like it. There is a pretense that the PA controls the West Bank, but all the borders in and out of Palestine are controlled by Israel or Israel’s friends.

60% of households in the Gaza strip are food insecure. 10% of children in the Gaza strip are physically disfigured because of malnourishment. Israel’s occupation is a crime against the Palestinian people, and Palestine’s economy is entirely at the mercy of Israel.

So. This. Is. NOT. COOL.

Romney went to Israel. Ignored the Palestinians. Lied about GDP per capita in Israel and Palestine (he claimed that Israel’s GDP per capita was twice as big as in the PA, when in reality it is twenty times as large). And after pointing out the results of what happens when one country controls and abuses the economy of a people it occupies, Romney attributed the difference to Israeli cultural superiority. It was racist. It was bigoted. It was offensive.

But it was good for fundraising, I guess.


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