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Content Note: Fat Shaming, Rape, Alcohol, Gluten Intolerance

Good post from Ana Mardoll here. My favorite bit:

Won’t is sticky. You would think that in a culture that values Individualism and Freedom and Capitalism and Choice that “won’t” would be enough. “I won’t do that,” should be the end of discussion. Any “because” that could follow the “won’t” might be nice and informative for the other side of the discussion, but it shouldn’t be necessary or required in a culture that treasures individual choice. And yet, increasingly, I’m being made aware of how inadequate “won’t” is treated in our culture.

I won’t eat that doesn’t prevent people from trying to slip secret foods into the bodies of people with food intolerances, in the belief that the gluten-intolerant person in the room is just “faking it” for attention or as a dieting choice.

I won’t sleep with you doesn’t prevent people from trying to loosen the speaker’s inhibitions with alcohol, or from arguing incessantly that they’re “owed” sex in exchange for all the bare minimum of decent behavior they’ve been displaying for the last few weeks.

I won’t exercise that way doesn’t prevent a lot of fat shaming and anger directed at Expensive! Lazy! Fat! people who refuse to explain in detail to every prying eye why, precisely, they don’t conform to the latest diet or exercise regimen until their choice is adequately established as a Can’t or Won’t.

Consent culture!


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