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President Morsi of Egypt launched a something of coup today. I’ll be very curious to see how it all plays out. I’m not finding much for details yet, but you can read about it here (for more links), here (for more detail), or here (for an Egyptian source).

I’m guessing we haven’t seen the end of Morsi’s struggle with the military. In Turkey, Prime Minister Erdogan, faced a similar situation. The military had carved out its autonomy from the civilian government and vaguely threatened to launch a coup if it didn’t like the direction the government took (actually, Turkey’s military launched multiple coups at various points in the past sixty years). It took Erdogan (who has more popular support and led Turkey to economic prosperity) ten years to gain control over his military. Morsi does not have a good economy or massive support, so this could prove the start of a very interesting few weeks. I’m predicting more “retirements” in the days to come.


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