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Content Note: Offensive Racial Slurs, Racism

I was struck recently how many things that go on in the United States are obviously racist. The athletic teams the Indians and the Redskins may as well be called the Mexicans and the Wetbacks. Can you imagine going to a game of the Cleveland Mexicans (with half the players being white), whose mascot was a big grinning imagine of a Mexican man?

Anyway, that kind of racism is a real problem in the American debate about Israel-Palestine.  The NYT posted an op-ed recently that said there were too many Palestinians and Arab-Israelis in Israel. As this article points out, this is the rough equivalent of saying there are too many blacks in Alabama. That’s how one sided the debate about Israel-Palestine is. People can make transparently racist remarks in one of the biggest papers in the country without even raising eyebrows.


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