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Content Warning: Islamophobia, Phallic Objects

Slacktivist points to a story that probably won’t be picked up elsewhere, and I love his take on it. I guess a church that was situated next to an Islamic community center stuck up a bunch of cross shaped objects as a message to Muslims. As Slacktivist points out, they couldn’t actually be crosses, because the cross was a symbol of weakness, humiliation, and love. These objects, being inspired by arrogance, pride, and intolerance, can’t be crosses, then. Slacktivist has his own theories of what they are:

Those are not crosses. Those are swords.

Or phalluses. Or gun barrels, or missiles, or Roman spears, or whatever objects of that sort you prefer as symbolic assertions of aggressive, hostile, brute power. The horns of the beast from John’s Apocalypse, perhaps, if you want an apt biblical description.

I just think of them as giant dildo-swords, since they were placed there both as threatening weapons and as naked symbols of the alleged potency of the Baptists of Bradyville Pike.

Contemplating the sight of these 13 giant anti-crosses on the lawn of an allegedly Christian church one has to ask: Doesn’t anyone in Murfreesboro understand the meaning of the cross?

Go read the whole thing.


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