What Would a World Without Religious Liberty Look Like?   Leave a comment

Paul Ryan talked about the contraception mandate recently, saying he “shudder(s) to think what the world could look like” if Obama is re-elected and (from Ryan’s perspective) continues to erode religious liberty. And I was struck by that thought. What is the worst case scenario that all the bishops and right wing ideologues are so concerned about? What is the concern here? The employer based healthcare system is not long for this world (God willing),  so this entire argument will (hopefully) be moot in a few years.

While the bishops are so concerned about… something, this year my tax dollars will continue to pay for our more than half a trillion dollar a year military. Where were the bishops when Topeka decided it wasn’t going to pay to prosecute domestic abuse cases? Where were they when (a town, I think) decided to make rape victims pay for rape kits? Where were the bishops when our social safety nets were torn to shreds while cities and towns decided to jail homeless people for not having a place to live? What is the expected trajectory of Obama’s “assault on religious freedom” that it’s more important than when Obama ordered the death of US citizen Anwar Al-Awlaki without any trial or due process?

Seriously, what am I missing here?


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