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Content Note: Kyriarchy, People Who Try to Claim They Know Better than You About Your Own Life, Patriarchy

I’ve got two recommendations for posts today. Both are written by women, and both are about the people in their lives who think that they know better.

The first is a repost from Tomdispatch written several years ago by Rebecca Solnit. Solnit, who’s been a published author for over a decade, writes about how she’s constantly receiving “corrections” from ignorant men who confidently assert that they know better. She writes that she wrote this post in part for all of the women who are not published authors, and therefore have to undergo much more self doubt in the face of confident male ignorance.

The second post is about Ana Mardoll’s back surgery from a few months ago. It’s absolutely appalling. It is a story of unnecessary pain and suffering because some doctors and nurses think that their background in medicine means their patients will never have superior knowledge or unique circumstances. It is a story of what happens when we stop listening to what people say about their own circumstances.


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