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Religious Views: Christian (I subscribe to the Nicene Creed), but I don’t believe in hell.

Wealth Background: Upper Middle Class

Race: White

Gender: Male

Married: Happily

Born: Shortly before the start of the 1990’s

Raised: In a small town (about 10,000 people) fifteen minutes outside the small Midwestern city (about 200,000 to 400,000 people) where I attended high school.

Education: I’ve just graduated from a Big Twelve (or is it eleven now? Ugh, who cares?) school with a bachelors in history.

Favorite Food: It depends on the day

Favorite Book: Les Miserables or Middlemarch or the Hunger Games (one of these things is not like the other…), depending on which I’ve read more recently.

Favorite Theologian: Still Pope Benedict, though I admit I’m not nearly as big a fan of his papacy as I used to be.

Favorite Political Commentator: Glenn Greenwald for his non-partisan reporting, fantastic sourcing, and coverage of the United States’ most important stories.

Essentially, I recently left the Catholic Church. The foundations for that decision were laid some time ago, and I wasn’t really surprised when I did leave, but as of the middle of 2011 the thought of leaving the Catholic Church hadn’t crossed my mind as a serious possibility. My intellectual background has been mostly Catholic, but in the past year I’ve been absorbing and adopting a great deal of progressive Christian, feminist, and pacifist ideology and vocabulary. It’s my primary hope for this blog to begin bridging the gap between my old background and my new beliefs (which are in far more accord than I imagine either side would believe).


Posted 06/10/2012 by reluctantliberal

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