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Everyone should go read this excellent post. Here’s a snippit.

I started to see that God’s grace was perhaps bigger than I had ever imagined.  That, perhaps, I as a woman had been freed from more than just the grip of sin and death, and perhaps the confines of patriarchy and male dominance were undone as well.

And Slacktivist is at it again:

Privilege can’t be preserved by keeping others down — that will only lead to everyone being kept down with them. If you want to preserve your privileges, insist that they are not privileges at all, but rights — and that they are the right of everyone.

Juan Cole has two good recent articles, one about Palestinians and one about green energy.

Arafat Jaradat was detained by Israeli authorities near Hebron last Monday at a protest of illegal Israeli squatting on Palestinian land. On Saturday the 30=year-old was reported dead in an Israeli jail cell. Thirty-year-old men are so healthy that the major cause of death for them is accidents, so the death is very suspicious. Palestinians rallied to protest Jaradat’s sudden demise, and thousands of Palestinian prisoners are said to have gone on hunger strike.

The Palestine issue is heating up at a time when two Oscar contenders for best documentary are shedding light on the human rights plight of the Occupied and stateless Palestinians.


Post-revolutionary Tunisia is also looking for 1 gigawatt of new green energy in the next few years. It is starting with putting a solar panel on a water desalinization plant. Since water and fuel shortages are drivers of the region’s political discontent, Tunisia is hoping to deal with both problems at the same time.


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