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People tend to view pacifism in negative terms. Pacifism is the rejection of violence. It sounds limiting. But the opposite is true. Force is the easy and obvious answer. Once you take it off the table, what you’re left with is everything else. Like this:

Local media reported that the neo-Nazis were outnumbered by about a five-to-one ratio. The clowns shouted “white flour,” while others came with signs reading “wife power.”

Or this:

What came to Maisie, though, was an idea for passive resistance, pigtail-style: Instead of either scurrying away or returning the girl’s nastiness in kind, she’d wear her hair like that all week — I’m fine the way I am, thanks — and maybe get a couple of friends to do likewise. She poured out her heart — and her plan — on Facebook, then headed off to her after-school babysitting job.


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