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Content Note: Sexual Harassment, Back Pain, Undiagnosed Conditions, Misogyny

Here’s a sample of an excellent post from Christine Marietta.

My new therapist, a man, asked me in our second session, “Have you ever felt violated in your life?” I had been complaining about an interaction with a man that left me wanting to shudder and scream and take a shower. My two simultaneous answers, “Yes” and “No,” raced each other from my gut towards my mouth, bottlenecking somewhere in my throat. I sat for a minute with my jaw hanging uselessly off my face.

No. No, I have never had any orifice penetrated against my will. No one has forced a kiss on me. No uncles touched me in any closets. I don’t fit society’s definition of a violated woman.

But Yes. Every day. Three times on my way to your office, in fact, Mr. Therapist. Once in the form of, “How about a smile, sweetheart?”, one honk, and one “HEEYYY!!” Words and actions that interrupted my thoughts, demanded my attention, told me in some form that I don’t belong to myself, ever, unless I’m willing to fight for me on my way to therapy. I’d like to say I am always ready to fight for my self, but it’s not true. No one can fight all the time.

You should read the whole thing.


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